Venue 20


This Chateau venue 20 is situated in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard in Switzerland, near Montreux. The Fortress was constructed in the 12th century by the Savoy Family to protect the entrance into the Valley where the Castle is located. Then it was later leveled and reworked by the Bernese Family from the end of the 15th century on. The mountain scenery around Chateau Aigle is some of the most breathtaking views in all of western Switzerland.
The nearby city of Aigle, founded in 1143, is an attractive little quarter of old houses, which has been renovated over the centuries and now appears as a mixture of styles and architecture. From the city, quaint cobble stone lanes wind up towards the dominating Chateau.

This Chateau is dedicated to the vineyards and historic art of winemaking so rich in this area. Across from the castle, you will find the Dime house, built in 1587, which houses the International Label Museum with consists of over 200 years of wine labeling history. Also, within the Chateau itself, you will find the Vine and Wine Museum.

Why this venue:

For your Castle Weddings, there are several rooms, salons, and spaces available for ceremonies and receptions of all sizes. For winter weddings, here you will be able to enjoy the working indoor real fireplaces as well, which can be used during your wedding!

Venue details:

Capacity: up to 200 guests

Menu and drinks: Catering Service


Venue Gallery: