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2017 myWeddinginSwitzerland BUSINESS Announcement

Dear Clients, as of May 1st, 2017 we do not accept any more bookings – definitely not for weddings in 2017.

It has been very exciting 2 decades of hard work for our clients. We are very proud that we had 99% of happy clients, with most we are still in touch.

We have new challenges ahead of us which is the reason for suspending acceptance of new bookings for the moment.


FEEL FREE to ASK Questions. We will be still happy to answer them to you FREE of CHARGE.



Mainly our leading role at World's First Wedding Abroad Association

- Setting up standards, explaining expectation of both Bride&Groom and suppliers

- Opening the European market to booming Asian markets

- Leading fair game between the vendors and clients and vice versa

- help to communicate - many wedding suppliers are professionals in their field, but not always with strong business/legal skills, and their hard work needs to be protected

- detailed client´s case studies available to members



- teaching new generation of wedding coordinators both in Europe and Asia

- sharing both good and bad from our nearly 1400 weddings -  with excellent scoring with over 1380+  couples where we have exceeded their expectations and also having approx. 10 challenging clients

- we are keen to share and show our leadership in how to improve in all levels of wedding planning and communication

We look forward to share more with our clients soon. Q & A are still our favourite things to do. So feel free to ask us questions.

Also new YouTube channel will be available soon.



Martin Dobes

Owner & CEO