Lindsay & Scott 27.09.2013

We were very pleased with your personal attention September 26 and 27. We didn’t know if you’d be sending employees in your stead; it was so nice to meet the man himself!  We also liked the friendliness of our time together. It wasn’t so formal that we became anxious and nervous; rather, it was laid-back and friendly wherein you and Elizabeth put us at ease.

We absolutely could not have had our dream wedding in Switzerland without you and your services. You helped us every step of the way – from completing the legal paperwork in California; accepting a pre-shipment of our personal belongs to open and have pressed!; to escorting us around Vevay and keeping us on time and on schedule; to having a celebratory and relaxed drink with us after it was all said and done. We cannot thank you enough! MyWeddingInSwitzerland is the very, very best! You and Elizabeth are so nice and we wish you both the very best.