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Why Us?

Top Reasons Why to Choose Swiss SE as Your Wedding Planners

EXPERIENCE. Ten years in the business and over 500 completed international weddings.

SECURITY. Full staff of 12 employees, which ensures a smooth and successful process.

FLEXIBILITY. Can easily accommodate date and booking changes. We also have this process down to an art form and provide 24-hour service and speedy replies to your inquires and emails.

LEGALITY. Arranged weddings for over 25 different nationalities, so we can easily cope with the difficulties of filing the appropriate documents to ensure the recognition and legality of your marriage.

PRICE. We pride ourselves on being price transparent, with no hidden costs, and we are sure to include the necessities such as transportation to the wedding, and the wedding coordinator's time into our prices. We know what it takes to make a perfect wedding from experience, so we can list all the necessary prices and fees upfront and clear, from the beginning.

LANGUAGE. Our entire staff and the majority of our service providers are also English speakers.

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE. We know all the ins and outs of Switzerland, and can easily recommend some of the best-kept secrets that are only known to those native of this area. From the best table in an intimate restaurant to places nearby for dancing, jazz or piano bars, we are able to fine tune every detail of your wedding and suggest the best of the best in Switzerland.

SATISFIED CLIENTS. Want to hear about people's experiences with us, directly from our brides and grooms? On our testimonials page, you will find over notes and comments from our previous clients who are more than happy to share their wonderful experience with our company!

Our explanation is just one way to realize the capabilities of Swiss SE, but it is best to experience it on your own!

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