Civil Legalities

Legal Documents and Procedure

Arranging the legal documentation and paperwork in Switzerland can be rather straight forward, if you are aware how the system and process works. The staff at Swiss SE offer you our experience and expertise in this field and can assure you that we will make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. We offer our clients clear and detailed step by step instructions to assist you with the process to ensure your marriage is fully legal and recognized worldwide.

This is a general list of the things that may be needed, but the requirements may differ for different nationalities, locations, and ceremony types.

1.) There is no long-term residency requirement.

2.) There is no medical or blood test required.

3.) It takes approximately 3 months to process all documentation and paperwork. Please contact us for last minute wedding possibilities.

4.) All foreign documents presented in Switzerland must be translated into French, Italian or German and certified with the Apostille Stamp.

5.) A valid Passport is needed.

6.) Documents Needed:

  • Birth Certificate issued in the past 6 months
  • Certificate of No-Impediment
  • Final Divorce Decree or Death Certificate (if widowed)

7.) Approval for a marriage in Switzerland is valid for 6 months.

In accordance with the SwissSE policy, clients must book and hire - sign contract and pay deposit to SwissSE - a minimum of 4 months prior to the desired civil marriage date in Switzerland.

The bride and groom must have all their legal documents obtained, prepared, completed, and ready for submission to their nearest Swiss Embassy a minimum of 3 months before the wedding date.

The exact requirements for the legal documents differ by nationality and marital status, so please inquire for more details.

Church Legalities

Documents and Paperwork Requirements

The staff at Swiss SE will assist the bride and groom with all the paperwork and processes that must take place before your Church Wedding in Switzerland in order to make the procedure as easy on you as possible. Swiss SE will clearly explain what the bride and groom must do, discuss and complete with your priest in your home country as well.

As for Religious weddings throughout the world, it is essential to the residing Priests and Pastors in Switzerland that the couple be actively practicing their religion in their home country. For Catholic Weddings, it is necessary that both the bride and groom be single (not divorced) and baptized Catholic. The pre-marital Catholic Courses must be held in the couple's home country, with their local priest, to complete the Catholic requirements before being able to host their Catholic wedding in Switzerland.

There are no residency requirements and no blood test/samples necessary for church weddings in Switzerland.