The staff at Swiss SE sets out to bring each and every client a superior level of security and experience they deserve in an open, honest and friendly manner when organizing one of the most important days of their life - their wedding.


(1) Experience - Be sure and research the wedding company.
How long have they been in the business of organizing foreigners' weddings? How many average weddings per year do they organize? How many weddings have they planned?

At Swiss SE, we have been organizing international weddings throughout Europe for foreigners since 1998, and organize around 75 weddings per year. In the last 10 years in the business, we have arranged over 500 weddings for international clients.

(2) Wedding Security - Size does matter.
How many people are working at the wedding company? How many are trained and experienced wedding planners? What happens in the case of illness or emergency of your wedding planner? Who will finish the work? Who will be there on the day? Are they experienced?

At Swiss SE, we have a full staff of 12 employees, comprising an IT department, Sales and Marketing Department, Finance Department, Management Team, and of course Wedding Coordinators. With this larger company size and the various departments within the company, your wedding planner is able to be 100% focused on what she does best - wedding planning - as we have other staff members to handle IT, Marketing, and Finances! Also, as we employ 8 experienced and friendly wedding planners, then in the unforeseen case of emergency or illness of your wedding planner, we have a handful of wedding planners who at any time can step up and take over the wedding and bring the same trusted quality and care and experience.

(3) Financial Security - Where is your money going?
How do you make payments for your wedding? Is it through a trusted and secure payment system? Where is your money going? Does the company have any outstanding debts or loans?

At Swiss SE, we know your wedding is usually a large financial investment, and therefore we have recently launched our very own secure online credit card payment system, so you can be certain your credit card details are safe and free from misuse. You won't have to share your personal and confidential credit card details with us, like you may have to do with other wedding planners in Switzerland therefore minimizing the risk of misuse of your credit card information.

With Swiss SE, your money goes directly to your wedding and paying the service providers included in your wedding day. Our company is financially stable, with no outstanding debt or loans, so you can be sure that you are working with a financially secure and sound company!

(4) References - Ask to speak to several former clients to hear first hand about the company.
Reading testimonials online is one thing, but to actually speak or email with a former client to hear about their experience and impression of a company is absolutely crucial. They have been there, and done that, and should be willing to share their story with you to give you a first hand report about the company. Be sure and ask for several contacts of clients from your area!

With over 500 weddings completed in the last 10 years, we have an ever growing list of former brides and grooms who are eager and willing to share their experience with you about our company. Let our couples tell you about the quality and care you will find with our company.


  • Do you want your wedding coordinator to be 100% dedicated to and focused on the wedding planning itself?
  • Do you want to trust your wedding finances to a well established and financially secure company?
  • Do you want a trusted and experienced wedding planner ready to step in and take over your wedding in the case of illness or emergency of your wedding planner?

If you answered YES to these questions, then Swiss SE is definitely the RIGHT CHOICE for you!