On-Site Wedding Coordinators

The Wedding Planner on the Day of your Wedding

...Included as part of our service, your Swiss SE wedding planner will be there with you on the actual wedding day to assist you and your guests, and to continue with the coordination of all service providers to ensure that your day goes off with a hitch. The number of hours your planner will be with you depends on your specific wedding day time plan and budget.

For all Full Service Weddings, and weddings with more than 30 guests, it is required to have 2 wedding planners attend your big day to ensure everything with the ceremony, reception, guests, and service providers all goes as planned. Your two wedding planners will be with you a minimum of 5 hours on your wedding day. This is the minimum required by the Swiss SE Staff, and the final hours will be confirmed according to your specific time plan.

With larger wedding parties, especially when the transportation of guests is involved, it is necessary to have two wedding planners with you on the day, as your head planner can't be in more than one place at one time! This secures a stress-free flow of the day and added comfort for your guests, as one planner can be at the ceremony location to welcome all the guests and instruct them in the right direction, while the main wedding planner can be attending directly to the needs of the bride.

Swiss SE brings you added security, assistance, comfort, and relaxation that comes with the added help of having two on-site wedding coordinators for your wedding day!