Venue 7


The ambiance at Venue 7's traditional yet modern hotel is marked by over 130 years of experience and legendary history. Dating back to 1870, Venue 7's modern luxury hotel is comprised of 115 guest rooms and 170 beds.

The idea of building the hotel directly on the lakeshore came from Fassbind's wife Nanette. Her idea turned out to be absolutely brilliant because the fabulous location didn't lose it's uniqueness over all these years. Most of the guests are still astonished by the incredible view.

Venue 7 has a tradition as a first-class hotel that has housed many famous people from the world of the nobility, politics and culture such as Queen Victoria of England, King Alfons of Spain, Winston Churchill, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Hermann Hesse. Nowadays, the hotel is equipped to meet the latest standards without having lost its turn-of-the-century charm.

The banquet rooms and magnificent halls revive the glory days of the great Grand-hotels around the century-turn. The room still have the flair of belle-epoche and the highly quality-based cuisine and service team will serve you with a young spirit and broad smile.

Why this venue:

Located in Luzern, the unique location on the shore of the lake Luzerne is breathtaking.

Venue details:

Capacity: 10 - 400 guests

Menu and drinks:

Sample Menu:

Mixed Salad roundabout with a duet of smoked salmon and trout fillet, horseradish sauce
Sparkling wine cream soup with cacao
Pork fillet at the piece roasted with lime sauce and green pepper
Noodles with butter
Market vegetables
Exotic fruits with Pina colada ice-parfait

Menu Prices range from 54 CHF - 119 CHF                   

Venue Gallery: