Venue 6


When you stop to admire the splendor of the Matterhorn from Venue 6, you begin to understand the real sense of expanse and grandeur. As a guest at this venue, you begin to understand how much a hotel can offer: noblesse and hospitality, style and joie de vivre, elegance and recreation.

Businessmen, or merely busy people seeking a rest... they all appreciate the uniqueness of Zermatt. This is where cosmopolitan lifestyle meets the peace and quiet of the high Alps.

The comfort of this traditional hotel and the fresh mountain air will enable you to regain your energy and widen your horizons.

Why this venue:

Venue in Zermatt, unique viewon Matternhorn peak.

Venue details:

Capacity: Suitable for 30 - 120 guests

Menu and drinks:

Sample Menu :

Lambs Lettuce with potato dressing, crispy bacon and egg

Soup of champagne and lentils with grilles scallops

Swiss Filet of beef with Savoy Cabbage, winter truffles, and puree of celery

Dumplings of Semolina and nougat with vanilla pears                   

Venue Gallery: