Venue 4


Venue 4 is a fabulous option for those looking for a hotel reception venue to host their reception party and accommodation their guests in a fantastic setting. The hotel venue offers two elegant rooms with a terrace, the "Blue Room" next to the restaurant or "The Grange" a few steps from the hotel, offering a unique view of the lake and the mountains. There is also a fabulous grassy, quaint park filled with trees, pathways, and benches, with views of Lake Geneva that will impress anyone.

A vast garden suspended over the waters of Lake Geneva, and a park is redolent of a gentle style of life. A landscape which has inspired poets and painters, secular trees, flower beds and greenery studded with sculptures embellished by the patina of passing time; everything contributes to the old-fashioned, romantic charm of the place.

Why this venue:

Comfort of a "Relais & Châteaux. Well inspired, the proprietors have managed to retain the intimate and welcoming atmosphere of a family hotel.

Venue details:

Capacity: 2 - 60

Menu and drinks:

Sample Menu 1:

Timbale de sole en gelée safranée au saumon et crevettes

Poussin du pays grillé à l'américaine Fagot de haricots verts Pommes paille

Fraises et framboises Romanoff            

Sample menu 2:

Petite salade aux fonds d'artichauds et ris de veau

Médaillon de boeuf à la moëlle et Pinot noir Pommes Anna et petits légumes de saison

Norvégienne aux fruits de saison Glace vanille

Venue Gallery: