Venue 27


Venue 27 is a luxurious 5* hotel located in Verbier. An exceptional place with the view on the village and mountain peaks.

We recommend small weddings (without exclusive renting of the hotel) in winter and large weddings (with exclusive renting of the whole venue with rooms) in summer.

For small weddings two restaurants are available: gastronomic or brasserie.

Why this venue:

Luxury on the mountains

Venue details:

Capacity: 20-100

Menu and drinks:

Sample Menu:

Foie Gras  on Slate  - Crystallized “Foie gras”, duck marinated with maple syrup, Liquorice and cinnamon; Foie gras  and “Moscato” ice cream

Lamb roasted and marinated with savory herb, “Barbe di Frate” sauted, black olives “Panisse” and broad beans cooked like a stew

Chocolate cake with ice cream

Price: CHF 142.-           

Venue Gallery: