Meet the Staff

Welcome to the page devoted entirely to the creative destination wedding planning team at Swiss SE. As you will see, Swiss SE, utilizes a diversified, international staff with the skills and technologies of tomorrow to bring you the dream destination weddings of today. Quality and service will never underestimated in delivering the "once in a lifetime dream weddings" each of our clients desire, and we encourage each of our potential clients to enquire for references from our previous ones to ensure your dreams too, will be surpassed with delight.

Our Swiss SE Team has been growing over the years, along with our experience. One excellent feature about our larger company is that we have several different departments functioning with its own staff, so each staff member can be 100% devoted to their expertise. This means that your wedding planner can stay completely focused on the wedding only! With this larger staff base, consisting of Financial, Sales, IT, and Marketing staff, we are able to constantly bring you new venues, services, options, locations, and features since we have the manpower to research and offer you the most updated and available selections to make your wedding absolutely special.